Our Task The Global Food Challenge

The following logos were created for The Global Food Challenge, a conference to be held in 2016, which aims to educate & inspire young people to take steps towards creating a sustainable global food system. The Global Food Challenge is a part of the Earth 2100 Conferences which are hosted each year by Our Task, a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming young adults into global thinkers and empowering them to lead the next generation in building a sustainable future. The Global Food Challenge will bring youth from around the world together to learn about major issues and influences affecting the global food supply chain. Several logo options were designed, and one final logo was selected to represent the conference. 

Client: Our Task Inc, www.ourtask.org


Final Logo

This is the selected final logo for the Global Food Challenge conference. Symbols of the global food system revolve in a circle, referencing recycling & sustainability, while the icons themselves represent the different facets of the food system including both production and consumption of food.


Alternative Logo 1

This alternative logo creates a recycling symbol out of utensils, representing sustainability in our food system. It is a simple & understandable icon for food sustainability, while still being bold & graphic.


Alternative Logo 2

This third option was a more provocative logo which referenced the historically iconic raised fist image. It symbolizes an overthrow of the status quo & empowerment. Juxtaposition of this historic image with the fork creates humor, and would appeal to a young audience.